a proper cup of coffee

I love a good cup of coffee as much as I love a good cup of tea. I have decided that using the tea infuser in a bone china mug and putting the milk in after is the way I like my tea best.

Over the years we have bought lots of different coffee machines and cafetieres. We started with filter coffee machines and added an Nespresso machine a few years ago. We have also purchased the cafetiere in between and coffee grinders.

It was only a couple of years ago that we were at our friends house and I tasted the best coffee I had ever had. I assumed it was the beans but it turned out to be the little stove top coffee perculator packed with ground coffee that was the key.

I purchased a cheap perculator in a sale and started on a new road to coffee heaven. I was amazed at how much difference the making method made.

In one of the many sales the shops are having this year we purchased a very pretty Italian set and I now use this coffee maker all the time. Even so the milk steaming can be a pain sometimes although it makes it all a special ritual to get my home made latte

I then found out that the same friends who had introduced us to the stove top coffee perculator simply heat half a cup of milk in the microwave and top up with the coffee. Not quite the same as steamed milk but it makes a really good milky cup of coffee.


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