over wintering the hanging basket plants

I have had varying success with trying to save bedding plants over the winter. Last year I only managed a few saves mainly from cuttings but the year before I managed to save quite a few plants.

I have been looking at the hanging baskets today, they have been rained through so many times this year I think all the nutrients in the soil have been washed out. The baskets are looking ready to bring down, the labelia looks like dying grass and the there are few flowers left. In a bid to save on next year’s hanging basket costs I am going to try and save the fuchsias, begonias and a pelegoniums 

I will also take cuttings as insurance. I don’t generally heat the greenhouse unless I have to but this year with rising fuel costs it’s going to remain without the paraffin heater at all. I have saved some bubble wrap from things we’ve had delivered so I’ll put that in boxes and put the plants in the boxes. Let’s see what we have still alive in the spring.


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