pasties – Glanbrydan day 1

This is the last of the pasties from yesterday. It got a war wound travelling to Brecon and is our tea tonight.

We arrived at Brecon at about yesterday, having gone to bed at midnight because we were still cooking and got up at 6.00am to pack up the produce.

Everything went into individual bags that had a paper back and a plastic front. We loaded up the cool boxes and the bags with table cloths, carrier bags (paper ones of course), aprons and everything else. The journey was slow and I took a deep breath around every bend, worried for the pasties, imagining they would arrives as crumbs.

When we arrived I nervously found the organiser and started to set up the table. Oh No! I had packed some of the pasties without their wrappers and had forgotten to bring extra ones. Wilf gallantly dashed off home again, some 30 miles each way to get the forgotten wrappers.

When the market opened I felt quite alone. The lady on the stall next to me was friendly. She introduced herself and helped me to relax. Then after a couple of people had commented on the pasties but not purchased any a man came up and brought 2. Wow! People were buying things I had cooked (yes me!).

Wilf arrived back about 10.45 am with the wrappers but I had found some that I had packed and forgotten about. Note to self, as Bridget Jones would say, idiot list required for ticking off required items. I had sold nearly three quarters of the stock when he came back. ‘Have you sold much?’ he enquired, trying not to sound worried. ‘ Yes!’. I showed him what was left and he was amazed.

By lunch time we had a few pasties left to sell and by 1:00pm we had one sad pasty left. After a little while we both agreed that nobody would buy one  sad lonely pasty and packed up.

We have learnt so much from this:

-Cook in bigger batches.

-Price the items up, people don’t like to ask. (I know I don’t)

-Put stickers on the packets. People buy 1 of this and 2 of that. When they get home they won’t know which is which.

and so much more.

I must also say the people at the market and the store holders were so welcoming and helpful.

So onward to the next one. I’ll make that call tomorrow to other market organisers.


2 thoughts on “pasties – Glanbrydan day 1

  1. Well I think you should pat yourselves on the back! This has given you lots of confidence and you will soon be ‘old hands’.
    As you say – lists and more lists will be the key. (What about Wilf and his 60mile round trip – I would definitely keep him on the payroll!)
    Wendy (Wales)

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