Day 1 in the life of the business

I will tell more tomorrow but we sold all but one of our produce today. So pleased, I cannot believe how well it went.

We followed this with a trip to last night of the proms from Swansea. Where Gethin Jones (and some woman whom I didn’t recognise ) did there introduction to camera just behind us.


Nice man, I asked if I could take his photo and he posed for me (editor/husband not so pleased).


8 thoughts on “Day 1 in the life of the business

  1. hi im emily im 17 years old and im one of gethin’s biggest fans and i’d just like to say nice pic of him i just love him in his suite and you were lucky to meet him i would really like to

  2. Hi Emily
    He is a bit good looking, especially in his suite.

    Hi Wendy
    Don’t know, but our friend from Neath said she was in town this weekend so I guess so.


  3. Hi Emily
    He was really nice and made a joke when I asked for his photo.
    When they had done their intro they had to dash off and get on stage.

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