first farmers market tomorrow – Glanbrydan

OK – It’s a quick few words tonight as i’ve been pasty making all evening. My feet are tired and my back aches. I’m enjoying a well earned glass of wine before bed.

I think I’ll sleep tonight!

Off to Brecon for the farmers market nice and early tomorrow.


Product portfolio



Traditional Pasties………….……..This meaty pasty contains chunks of Welsh lamb and vegetables such as carrot, potato and swede.



Moroccan Lamb pasties………..…These also contain chunks of Welsh lamb and vegetables  but this time we add spices such as cumin to the mix. They are lightly spiced.



Beef in wine sauce pasties…………These are just what they say; a beef and vegetable pasty in a rich tomato and red wine sauce.



Ricotta cheese and spring onion tart….These are individually served cheese, onion & egg tarts.



Bakewell tarts……………………..10cm of almond sponge with homemade jam all wrapped in a slightly sweetened pastry case.



Coming soon:

Welsh rarebit muffins. A nice snack or served with an egg on top for breakfast.

Real baked beans, you just add some bacon or chunks of gammon for a complete meal, or even serve them with breakfast.

Some Saturday tea specials such as a BBQ sauce for you to pour over your meat prior to cooking or a meat pie to pop in the oven.

A fresh rich tomato, wine, garlic and onion sauce for you to stir into mince. All you have to do is brown the mince with a bit of onion and garlic, add the sauce and cook for half an hour. Serve it with your favourite vegetables or pasta.



What goes into our products:

When we bake we use meat from Wales and locally sourced vegetables when in season. The milk and cheese (except speciality cheeses)  products are also from Wales.


The eggs come from our own chickens as long as they lay enough, or when forced to go out and buy them we stick to free range.



We also produce seasonal goods such as spiced toasted nuts, Christmas puddings, mince pies, valentine (who loves you?) biscuits and flavoured oils.


2 thoughts on “first farmers market tomorrow – Glanbrydan

  1. Hi Sam & Wilf,

    Good luck for tomorrow – you deserve to do well after all your hard work. It all sounds very delicious and inviting.

    (Wendy) Wales

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