If you ask anyone what tog quilt they have on their bed they all seem to know. In fact I believe there to be quilt snobbery! Try it and see what response you get. We use a summer 4.5 tog quilt all year and add a wool blanket for spring or autumn (or summer just now) and a quilted throw for winter.

Now ask people what they can and can’t recycle using the local council collection so many of us have now. I bet more people know what quilt they have on their beds than exactly what they can stick in their weekly recycling.

Some councils make it simple. Glass, paper, newspapers and card. Some don’t collect glass, some collect plastics, some use green bins for garden waste. This may seem straight forward but did you know;

– If you recycle paper they don’t usually want envelopes because of the glue used on them

– Books are not wanted either (unless it’s telephone books). Give them to charity shops.

– Some authorities will accept drinks cartons such as orange juice and some long life cartons have a small percentage of aluminium in them.

All in all very confusing. You can see what your local authority accepts using this link and entering your postcode in the appropriate box. The site also gives information about composting for those who have the space and are not yet converted.

There are also sites growing where we can recycle unwanted goods rather than throwing them into landfill or letting them build up in the back of the garage or shed, one is I have not used one of these sites yet but our son-in-law, Iain swears by them as great places to give away unwanted things.

We now only have a small bag of rubbish left each week which goes into our bin but we are lucky as the cats eat any cooked chicken, fish or meat left over. The dogs are less fussy and happy to have the cooked vegetables, gravy or pasta as well as their share of the meat. The chickens get the veg peelings (their waste goes onto the compost). The council collect paper, card & plastics. While we take glass bottles into the town centre recycling when we go shopping. I dish wash and keep plastic tubs to use in the freezer. I don’t remember the last time I threw away a pair of shoes and clothes that no longer fit go to the charity shops. We use larger pieces of cloth as dog blankets or cleaning cloths. I’m sure we could do so much more.


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