Planting vegtables in September

I have been rifling through my seed packets to find out what I can plant this month. Earlier in the year I purchased some seeds from who appeared to be a less commercial seed sales company and this appealed to me.

The vegetable crop this year has been disappointing but I’ve spoken to friends and relatives who all agree their vegetables are much poorer than usual. There have been some exceptions such as the broad beans,which I did plant and runner beans, but guess who didn’t plant those. Ah well, you can’t win them all.

I have some bunching onion seeds and cabbage seeds left so I’m going to try those out. I want to get hold of broad bean seeds and garlic bulbs to complete my planting. However I think it’s a bit early for garlic to go in.

I am trying to be good and sow seed I already have rather than poring over the seed catalogues and ordering loads of tiny packets as this is a treat for next spring even though I have saved some seeds this year from the very successful peas which are now dried, sealed in an envelope and labeled.

I have left pods of broad beans on the stems to ripen off, they look ready to come indoors now to  dry out on the kitchen window sill. I may well replant these now to save on the pennies. It strikes me that if left they would soon drop naturally onto the ground where the chickens would snaffle them away if a mouse didn’t get there first.


3 thoughts on “Planting vegtables in September

  1. Hi Dana
    Our winter may be better than our summer this year!! Summer was so wet.
    I’ve always fancied a trip to Canada, it still sounds so unspoilt in places.


  2. Oh ! My goodness ! We have one of those beautiful arts and crafts copper boilers exactly the same !..and sometimes I use it beside the fire too . Sometimes with a huge dried flower arrangement ….lol…I will have to go and polish it up now and put it on my blog for you to see ! It came from a great great aunt in Cornwall …..they were.sea faring folk .It has makers marks on it , never looked it up though ..but maybe Newlyn copper works .

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