Bonfires and chickens

All in the greenhouse is coming on well. The aubergine pictured here will be eaten soon along with the green peppers. I picked a marrow today which is now happily in the fridge waiting to be turned into mince stuffed marrow.

The, maybe cucumber plant, which maybe a picking gherkin plant, is growing well whilst the pickling gherkins that are living outside are looking decidedly more like cornishons.

On this first dry day for ages we lit the bonfire which has been building up for some time, the wet wood started to smoke but soon caught when it got hot enough. Gail (eldest daughter and grown up before anyone asks), dutifully watched the burning wood making sure the surrounding trees didn’t catch.

Sadley we did get into trouble with our neighbour as she had put her washing out, which cannot be seen from our garden. I thought they were away so made big apologies to her. Hopefully we will be able to get past this and return to our usual relationship.

The chickens have taken to heading straight for the road when I let them out, not the quiet little lane at the side of the house where everyone has to go slow because of the bends but the road at the front of the house. This road is quiet but much straighter and faster in a straight chicken verses car situation the car would not even see them in time.

I need to work out how to retrain the chickens not to go down to the road as they do love hunting for tasty bugs in the garden and it seems a shame to shut them away all day. The dogs were not amused either as I was just on my way to feed them and had put the bowl of dinner down on the path. The chickens had started to tuck into the dogs meat at which Vickie and Bertie barked ‘get off!!’.


2 thoughts on “Bonfires and chickens

  1. Speaking of marrows, do you have any recipes for them other than stuffing? We have three big marrows from my uncle and are getting rather fed up of stuffed marrows! Although I suppose I shouldn’t say that as it is nice to get fresh, free food.

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