horses going by

We have had a lazy day today. I call it lazy but I did clean out the chickens, clean the inside of Wilf’s car and cook while Wilf did the ironing (sorry, matcho image gone), help cook the dinner and help Gail with her tax return. Gail did try to light a fire in the garden as we had lots of wood, some of which had been donated by a neighbour, that wasn’t suitable for the woodburners as it was so wet but she had to give up in the end. We also got a lot of wood mulch from the local recycling point to try to add a dry base to the chicken and duck run. Wilf also cleaned out the drainage ditch to the side of our garden to resolve the problem of it overflowing as it did on Friday.

Amidst all this one of our neighbours was moving some young horses he had bred as he was exporting them back home to Ireland. As the lorry would not fit up the lane past our house towards theirs they decided to load the horses outside ours. They had partial success in getting the horses loaded but a couple did decide they didn’t want to go in the horse box and went wandering off to the neighbours field and worse still to another neigbours garden!

During all this, our hounds, Bertie and Vickie thought it must be time to join in and had a good bark to aid the horses along their way which worked very well to the dismay of the horses handlers as the speed they sunsequently achieved made sensible progress impossible .

In the end all was well and the horses were loaded into the truck. To comfort ourselves after all the commotion we had cheese and onion on toast. (All that is except Gail whom is on a strict diet and bravely sticking to it)


3 thoughts on “horses going by

  1. What is Gail’s secret regarding will-power!
    Come on – we all have to know!

    Sounds as though you were having an eventful day yesterday while we were braving the weather in the Betwsycoed area.

    Wendy (Wales)

  2. Hi Wendy
    Gail is trying an extreme diet approved by her doc as she has tried a few diets over the years. I’ll let you know how she gets on.

    Betwsycoed is a very pretty area. Hope you had the better weather today.

  3. Hi Sam,
    Well good luck to Gail – she deserves success if it’s so extreme.
    Yes, thank goodness the weather has turned better today. The rain has been almost too much for even me!
    Wendy (Wales)

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