Visit Wales, Brecon

Although we are not due to the farmers market in Wales until next Saturday we went for a visit to Brecon today. This resulted from our eldest daughter’s (Gail) visit, she has come to see us for a few days and did mention on the phone some weeks ago that she would like to visit the military museum in Brecon.

When she arrived and asked ‘When are we going to museum?’ I and Wilf looked at each other blankly. Oops, we had forgotten. We checked opening times on the Internet and they open Monday to Friday all year and Saturday up to end of September.

As it was lunch time already we decided to go straight away, the trip is about 30 miles from here. We travelled up the A40 through the pretty Brecon foothills and arrived at Brecon some 40 minutes later. The museum costs £3 per person entry and you need 3 x 1 pound coins as it is a turnstyle entry.

I am not a military fan but the museum is an amazing place. It covers a number of Welsh regiments but perhaps the finest moments it covers is the defence of Rorkes Drift in the Zulu wars in the late nineteenth century (view the fime “Zulu” as it relates to this moment in our history).  It shows many personal posessions of the soldiers and gives you a real feeling of their lives. The curater is an ex soldier and is very knowledgable about the army life and full of really useful information. We all found it very thought provoking as the people there had an extremely personal view on the history of the regiments and all it meant and it made us think about how people would willingly go into battle knowing there was a good chance they wouldn’t come out of it alive yet still did it. Sobering given the selfish attitude we all have in life today.

After a visit there we popped into town and had a quick coffee and bun before returning home but the Wilf as usual had to have a cream tea with an enormous scone, jam, clotted cream and tea whilst I was very well behaved with a latte and tea cake and Gail had a glass of water! A really good day out all things considered.


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