Pickled eggs

The garden is showing us that despite the rain there are some beautiful flowers on display. This very pretty passion flower is in full bloom all over the front of the cottage and the crocosmia is engulfing the back garden with red and orange blooms framed by a backdrop of amazingly vibrant greens on view from the kitchen window. Sometimes I forget this as I read my cookbook and float around the kitchen that such beauty is available whatever the weather.

Our latest kitchen venture is pickled eggs so we have been looking for pickled egg recipes. We tried doing a batch some months ago by boiling the eggs and submersing them in malt vinegar. We left them the required time and when we went to the cupboard they looked terrible, I wouldn’t have risked eating them.

After all this searching we were discussing our problem with a lady at the co-op checkout and her version seems the simplest. Boil the eggs , submerse them in white vinegar and leave for a few weeks…and no I don’t know why we were discussing pickled eggs. (these things just happen sometimes)

All the recipes on the Internet use malt vinegar but we are taking the plunge tonight with the white. The eggs are boiled and just cooling down. We have the jars and the vinegar ready. We will do a progress report in a few weeks time.

I know pickled eggs are not to everyones taste but our girls will stop laying in a couple of months and it would be nice to keep some of the produce through to the winter months to enjoy and offer something else we can sell.


2 thoughts on “Pickled eggs

  1. A couple of weeks ago we had a conversation with a friend about how unusual it was to see pickled onions by Barry Norman (film critic) and she said they never buy any brand but Garners. Not having had pickles lately I looked for them and saw that they also did pickled eggs so bought a jar of each. They were very nice and had a light coloured vinegar. I hope that your experiment turns out okay as it would be great to be able to pickle your ‘own girls’ eggs.

    Your plans for displaying your produce at market sound eye-catching with the baskets and proposed tablecloth.

    Wendy (Wales)

  2. Hi Wendy
    The conversations that people have! I won’t ask why you were discussing pickled onions.
    Wilf does our pickled onions, he ensures the entire family have a jar each!

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