Glanbrydan – how to display our food?

I suddenly got that horrible feeling you get when you know you’ve forgotten something but cannot remember what. Given time I knew it would come to mind and then it hit me with a thump, we may have pasties and tarts to sell at Brecon on the 13th but so far we had nothing to display them in and nothing to pack them in!

I got on the internet to find suitable solutions to these omissions. I originally  wanted wooden trays, gently sloping down the table and showing off our food but I’ve seen a lady using those already at the farmers markets for some very pretty French tarts. I thought I’d just look like a copycat so I started to look for something else. I settled on wicker baskets lined with an off white cloth which is caught by a pretty bow holding it in place half way down the outside of the basket. The baskets are rectangles and about 6 inches deep which will keep little hands from coming over the edge of the counter. We have an enormous red and white check table cloth and I’ll be putting steps (of something, maybe bricks) underneath it so the produce is shown at different levels

Now to packaging, I think I’m going for double paper bags but I still need something with handles that can be carried away with the produce in – well hopefully if people buy.

I have been playing with a chicken and mushroom pasty recipe to add to the beef, traditional and slightly spicey lamb although I am still stuck for a tasty vegi variety.

Onward and upward as they say.



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