None event Monday and making my tomarto sauce with fresh toms

Today has been wet, wet, wet again! I am now waiting for dinner to cook and sipping on a small beer. I have been considering the garden and went to check on the greenhouse. We nearly have 1 red tomato, I harvested the onions and used 4 of them in cooking the dinner tonight, spag bol, with a rich tomato sauce.

I have posted the tomato sauce recipe before made with tinned toms but tonight I am making it with fresh toms, sadly not from the garden. The recipe is very nearly the same.

I cook up a couple of sliced onions in a mix of butter and oil. About 15gms of butter and a couple of tablespoons of oil (naughty but nice) with a crushed clove of garlic added. I cook them down gently for about 10 mins then add 3 good tablespoons of tom puree, a tablespoon of dried oregano and a teaspoon of mixed herbs. This all gets a good mix and simmers gently while I cut up about 450gms of fresh toms. They get stirred in and brought to the boil, I have some white wine open in the fridge so I put in a small wine glass of this and bring back to the boil, you can use red wine or water if you prefer. Now turn it down to just simmering and leave it to cook down for about an hour. You do need to stir it every now and then. You should end up with a mush of tomato that is quite sweet.

This can be cooked down for a bit longer until it darkens a bit and seems to have very little liquid left. If whizzed in the food processor, then sieved it becomes a smooth tomato sauce.  If you are lucky enough to have a glut of toms it can be frozen this way as well.

Just to complete our cheery Monday we spoke to a very excited, very nearly seven year old granddaughter who was fishing to find out what had gone in the post today for her birthday. All will be revealed later in the week! Her sister seemed more interested in the blackberry picking they had done today! Reminds me I must go upto the field and collect some blackberries very soon.

We have caved in and put the woodburner on, the cottage is feeling damp, dark and cold. The washing is refusing to dry and I cannot shake that cold feeling. We now have a warm orange glow even if it’s not the sun.


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