dinner with guests

We have had my Auntie and Uncle staying this week and tonight we had a couple of friends over for dinner. It’s late now and after three courses of food and far too much of the red stuff the house is quiet again.

I think dinner was a success: onion soup for starters, liver and bacon for mains followed by little fresh fruit tarts. All homedone and I think all OK.

I flap around the kitchen when we have guests, worried about the soup tasting too sweet, not doing enough veg and everything being done on time. I know that it all goes wrong if you try too hard but still I do it.

I was pleased with the tarts. I blind baked 14 cases using a sweet pastry base and filled 6 with a home made lemon curd and six with a custard base and fresh fruit on top. I will, once de-red-wined post a recipe.

Main course was prepared by the Wilf one as I cannot stand liver. I had a bit of rump steak as the only none believer. All in all a very nice evening.


2 thoughts on “dinner with guests

  1. I know exactly what you were going through. No matter how many meals you cook successfully day after day, nothing beats cooking for guests even though they are familiar family & friends.
    So now we know who makes the liver treats for your dogs!!
    Wendy (Wales)

  2. Ok – it’s a fair cop. I did make the dog treats in the beginning but the Wilf one has taken over the task and does it when I’m not here for the day so I don’t have to smell the stuff cooking.

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