The other ones views!

I know this is Sam’s blog normally but having proof read her blogs I thought it would be interesting to tell you something about her, us and our family.

Sam is the driving force in our marriage (she is younger after all) and gets me to do all sorts of jobs I don’t want to do. Despite this there is still mountains of things to be done before our home is finished to the level we both want (as an aside to this statement I would add that when we had our home in Northamptonshire, we spent five years bringing it up to standard only to move on immediately here to Wales saying, “that is the last time we take on that sort of renovation project”. Guess what? We have now been in Wales for just over three years and are around a year or so away from finishing renovating our home!)

Coming back to Sam, she is very beautiful, brainy and forgiving (why else would she put up with me). She has a Bsc(hon) in technology and works for one of the major mobile providers in a testing capacity (not that she isn’t sometimes testing to me, especially when we are out shopping). I won’t state her age as I like living but when she passed one of the important milestones in her life not so long ago we had a super party for her in the village reading rooms, something that is still talked about in the village as never have so many nuns, male as well as female, been seen in such a small place. At that party we also renewed our vows (I don’t do churches so this seemed a very special compromise to me and happily a nice surprise to Sam).

Between us we have five children(?). In descending order they are Jim, Gail, Lisa, Ali and Robert. The first three were mine and the last two Sam’s but now they are all both of ours. In addition we have two son in laws, Burt and Iain and one daughter in law, Sarah. Then in addition to them we also have the two most beautiful grand daughters you could wish to see, Ami and Abi.

You may by now have gathered that Sam and the children are the most important things in my life and I love them all more than I can say even though I know I don’t tell them often enough.

I think that is enough for now and will not write anymore unless you want me too. I can only say that our family has a lot of stories to tell and memories to relate so if you do want to hear more then let me know.

By the way my name is Wilf which I have abbreviated from Wilfred! Can you imagine going to school in the 60’s with a name like Wilfred? I have got used to it now but still try to say it very quietly in public.


3 thoughts on “The other ones views!

  1. Yes – as far as I am concerned you can have input as long as Sam can proof-read you!!
    Lovely to get some background to your lives in addition to the dogs/chickens/Mr.Duck etc.
    Dougal expressed interest in the baked liver slices.
    Wendy (Wales)

  2. Um ………. I think I’ll have to change the password so he cannot do things when I go out for the day. Cheeky man!! But I love him.

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