days out in Wales

Today was a day off for us. We took ourselves off to Abergavenny to see what it had to offer having watched a Welsh TV series called Welsh weekends where they dedicated a (repeated) program to the town.

We quite often drive through there when we go and visit family but we avoid the town centre becuase of the traffic. It is a nice town with a well known market. Welsh markets (for the rest of the UK) are generally covered buildings because of the extra bit of rain we get here. The buildings are magnificent, and I think are Victorian.

The town has quite a few coffee shops for those of us who like a coffee, it also has a department shore called Nicholls which to me is what I remember a department store to be from my childhood, much smaller stores than the well known JL’s of today.

If you look up the side streets you can find some specialist shops such as a cook shop and a clock shop.

We rounded off our trip with a vist to the just outside of the town on the A40 heading West. They are a small vineyard and have a fantastic location well worth a visit, they also have wine worth a taste!

TattycatWe were pushed to get home because our semi feral cat Tattycat, who has decided to become a house cat today. Normally she lives with Smudger in a wooden workshop in our garden but this morning I opened the door about 7.00am because the dogs were barking and in walked Tattycat. She hasn’t left since sleeping like a baby under our bed. She is a bit shy still, after living here a year and refuses to come out.

Tattycat must be hungry by now. We have left her water and a cat tray but she seems to be happy just sleeping.


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