I’ve spent some hours giving our living room a good clean this afternoon. We have relatives coming on Sunday for the week and I want the house to be fresh and clean. I also want to go out tomorrow so I started cleaning up today.

I had the added bonus of a bit of the Olympics in the background to keep me going. I usually turn to cleaning the house in this way when I have something on mind or we have people staying. I do love the house being clean and  because of work and family life it gets a bit cluttered, a bit dusty and a bit of a mess.

Today I set about the old wooden window sills with our home made beeswax polish. Our bee keeping friend supplied the beeswax and I scoured the Internet to find out how to make a polish. It has been a medium success and I’ve learnt from it. I have more wax so I’ll try something a few changes with the next batch.

This time I used bees wax

soap flakes

real turps (not the brush cleaner, you have to search out the real thing)

You have to be careful mixing this together. I put the bess wax and the turps in the range bottom oven for a couple of days but you must be very careful as this can ignite on it’s own.

I then stirred in the soap flakes.

Next time I will add more soap flakes, and some lavender essence and a bit of oil. The mixture is hard work to use but the shine is fantastic. My wooden furniture smells wonderful and shines, shines, shines!

I am interested in investigating other cleaning products that I can make myself so watch here and if you have any let me know.


2 thoughts on “cleaning

  1. try cleaning your stoves in the spring with WD40 rubbed in with wire wool – it protest them from rust, looks great and, come the autumn when you fire up there is no smell or smoke

  2. Hi Eileen
    I will try that.
    We smiled at your responce because T-W-O thinks DW40 can cure most household problems so you’ve just proved him right!

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