Donald Duck

As well as our 4 chickens we have a duck, known as Donald. He is a Muscovy duck, which are tree ducks and are not so keen on swimming. They are very big compared to the Mallard family and we don’t get any quacks from him.

Until recently Donald shared his life with another Muscovy duck known as Ethel , she died of old age and since then Donald has not been himself. He has become very sedentary and given up washing!

 They used to bate the dogs, something they loved to do. They would walk up to the dog run and stare at Vickie and Bertie who would go mad running around, jumping up and down, barking and the ducks would just stand there watching.

Last year Mummy duck tried to start a nest in the Field next to our garden. She chose a patch mixed up in all the brambles and it took us a while to work out where she was going and block the fence. She was, to coin a phrase, a sitting duck out there.

Donald has moved in with the chicken, refusing to use his own house and happy instead to make a big mess of theirs. He will never come up to you but has never been aggressive in any way. He is always happy to be put to bed and enjoys the odd bit of bread.


3 thoughts on “Donald Duck

  1. My mother would love a duck – she’s thinking about getting one if we move. I take it from your post that they get on quite well with chickens – or does it depend on the duck? Are they sociable creatures – would you suggest having two ducks to keep each other company?

  2. Our duck is a lonley Donald duck. I would always recommend hsving at least 2 ducks. I can only tell you about our ducks and they seemed to get on with the chickens. We know a local farmer who keeps their chickens and ducks together and has done for years.

  3. Just to add to my above reply Rebecca I have been checking with other people about keeping ducks and chickens together. All the books say it’s a no no but I believe it’s quite common. We have quite a good size chicken house – enough for over 10 medium sized birds even though it’s only occupied by 4. We use hanging water feeders as well so that Donald doesn’t flick sawdust in and make it undrinkable.
    Ducks do make much more mess than chickens and also they sleep on the floor.
    It’s worth considering perhaps two houses one stacked on the other if space is a problem.
    Chickens will climb steps and ours fly up and sit on the hen house so they could be put in a penthouse apartment whilst ducks could live on the ground floor. Just a thought…..

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