Next step to trading as Glanbrydan at the Brecknock farmers market

I think we are just about ready to trade atthe September farmers market in Brecon.

I’ve written the cheque for membership and the first months stall fees. The first ever company cheque was carefully torn from the pristine cheque book and filled out. I’ve even put all the details in the stub, except the remaining balance as the account is at £0.

I’ve purchased my market traders insurance for the year and I’ve photocopied my food safety certificate. All these and my membership form are now paper clipped together and sealed in an envelope for the post tomorrow. I shall even put 2 first class stamps on just in case it’s over 5mm in thickness.

I’ve practised my pasties and vegetarian tartlets, we can only trade in savoury goods at Brecon for now but I hope over time to add to the list of home cooked foods we can sell there.

Brecon farmers market is held once a month on a Saturday and the next one is 13th September.

We are currently going to sell

Moroccan lamb pasties  – these are spiced lamb which is flavourful but not hot.

Beef and red wine pasties – a rich tomatoand red wine sauce with chopped beef and vegetables.

Traditional lamb pasties – a known and loved filling of chopped lamb, carrots, potatoes, turnips and onion in a tasty gravy.

Ricotta and egg tartletsfor the vegetarian option –  Filled tart cases with a tasty combination of egg, ricotta cheese and onion.

I am working on another two options but these all seem to come out consistently. All our encased in a short crust pasty and cooked in our kitchen. We have had the EHO out to give us a look over and I’m working on my HACCP book to make us all legal for the day of launch.

I am planning to contact Llandovery farmers market and see if we start trading there once a month. Life is very exciting!


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