The best friends


Say hello to Bertie Basset. He is a Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen which means he is a low legged rabbit hunter whose breed originated in the Vendee area of France. Bertie is very special, he gained several best puppy in breed rosettes when a young man and was shown at crufts, he was retired from showing whilst on a high.

Since then Bertie has had a rocky life. He became quite ill with pancreatitus a few years ago and had to be operated on, investigations showed scar damage on the pancreas so poor him, it wasn’t his first attack.
One evening we thought we had lost him to the illness but with the care of our vet and much love from us this strong willed dog pulled through.
As a result of his pancreatitus he was recently diagnosed as diabetic and has to endure two insulin injections a day for the rest of his life. This also brought on early blindness through cataracts and a month ago he had an operation to remove them. A specialist animal eye clinic then replaced his lenses.
It’s a miracle of modern medicine he can now see, this photo was taken today whilst on his walk. Bertie is 8 years old this October.

This is Vickie Basset, cousin of Bertie. She is 6 years old and the second of our dogs. She came from the same breeder and has had excellent health all her life.

Vickie’s problem is her scattiness. She seems not to know her own name most of the time and whilst Bertie can happily be let off his lead Vickie will just run straight to the chicken run, she feels it’s her duty to hunt and makes up for Bertie’s lack of interest in chasing anything that moves.
Vickie is ultra friendly but, even at 6 she still chews anything in her way. We have had several frantic conversations with the vet because she has chewed and swallowed the most unlikely things.
Vickie chewed the rubber surround of a door mat and ate it, she has chewed through a pressure washer cable which luckily was not plugged in and tried to eat our big pine dining table.
Vickie and Bertie have their own house attached to ours. They enjoy two walks a day and many treats.
Interestingly we have had to rethink Bertie’s diet since being diabetic and now we make all their treats and meals at home.

3 thoughts on “The best friends

  1. I just love your 2 dogs – they are so lucky to have found you. The love and care you have given them (especially all the medical care for Bertie) is wonderful to read. I have been reading your blog and hope that you do well at the Farmer’s Market – will you be posting recipes and pictures sometime?
    Best wishes,
    Wendy (Wales)

  2. Yep! recipies and pictures will follow.
    Thanks for your support.
    We are the lucky ones by he way. All our friends (animals and human) give us so much and we give so little.

    Please keep reading and if you have any questions then let us know.

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