Money matters

p>How much money do we spend that we don’t need to?
I’ve no idea but after a trip to M & S where I spent £120 on my Autumn work clothes (note the work clothes justification I needed to add) I am feeling very guilty.
OK we have been saving money up to now but last week was a bad week for spending. We ate lunch out 3 times and I cannot even remember why.
This is a new week and so it’s back to tightening the belt. I took a pack lunch for my one day trip to the office and my own teabags. They do free tea but it’s yuk whereas you can buy PG teabags for 25p each. I am lucky enough to work from home the rest of the week so we can cook up a lunch.
I didn’t even get my latte on my trip home. That’s about a £6 saving today.

Generally we’ve stopped doing big shops at the supermarket and buy a bit every day. We cut our food bills considerably and best of all we are throwing less away as we don’t bulk buy so less fresh veg and fruit is going off.

So what next?? Lets get inventive and if anyone has a good idea let me know.


2 thoughts on “Money matters

  1. Join Martin’s Money Tips (the guy from GMTV). If you go on to his website and join – all you need to give is your email address, you get sent an email each week with the latest deals and tips. These range from general energy bills, insurance of all types, holidays, food etc. You can often download food vouchers which generally offer buy one main meal, get one free and currently vouchers for Zizzi’s, Pizza Hut, Loch Fyne (or however you spell it) and Gormet Burger are available. There is also a buy one get one free at Millies Cookies!!!! Sometimes you can’t download the vouchers but the email will always tell you what magazine/newspaper you can find them in. Not huge savings but makes eating out that little bit easier on the wallet!

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