tomato sauce recipe

Today will go down in history as day one of a very wet weekend in August. Global warming is not delivering sunny warm hazy August days, just wet ones.

Tonight we had chick pea curry to finish off so I made my rich tomato base and had a go at making chapatis I ended up with my rich tomato base sauce and flat breads.

This rich sauce normally accompanies pasta but is very useful when you need to stretch a curry dish.

you need

a splash of oil and a blob of butter

An onion and a clove of garlic chopped up. (these were both from our garden I’m proud to say)

A tin of chopped tomatoes and or the same fresh (not from our garden, blame global warming, not my tomarto harvest)

A tablespoon of tomato puree

To make

Heat the oil and butter in a frying pan until foaming.

Add the onion and garlic, fry for a minute then turn down the heat to low and leave for 10 mins. The onion should be floppy by then. Add the tomatoes and tomato puree and turn up the heat until it bubbles.

Turn down the heat and leave for 45 mins just stirring every now and then.

You should now have a thick mass of tomato, if not leave it for another 15 mins. It should be much thicker and sweet to the taste.

This is my basic tomato sauce for use with pasta, pizza and left overs.


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