Using clingfilm

I am sure most of us are now using our shopping bags wisely. Re-useing them or better still buying or making stronger fabric bags. I bought a few when we were in Germany on holiday, they sell them at a couple of Euros each for cotton bags and I’ve been using them for about 4 years now.

I have added to the collection over time with the odd giveaways that the supermarkets do and I did treat myself to one with a picture of a dog on it from the national trust shop. I’m still not sure I can justify the £5 it cost, but it does have it’s own little bag so I can fold it up and keep it in my handbag nice and neatly.

Recently, when cooking our dinner, I considered how much clingfilm and foil I get through. I insist on all food being covered up if it’s defrosting or the left overs in the fridge and I get through loads of bags, foil & clingfilm.

I looked around a few Internet sites, including country living who are campaigning against too much packaging and I see nothing referring to our own use of packaging food once we get it home.

I now try and use my plastic containers for things that go in the fridge and pop a plate over bowls left on the side in the kitchen. I haven’t worked out what to do about freezing food as I never have enough plastic containers for that.

My friend has access to a large amount of plastic clover tubs, the big ones, which she uses to neatly stack in her freezer full of cooked meals. This is fantastic but we don’t use clover and our lighter lurpak tubs are mainly made of card and disintergrate when washed in the dishwasher.

So I’m looking for further inspiriation on how to cut down on my clingfilm, foil and plastic bag use.


2 thoughts on “Using clingfilm

  1. Big ice cream tubs are useful for holding all manner of things – we have two in our fridge at the moment, one holding our cheese, and the other some tomato soup.

    If you know anyone who eats a lot of Indian or Chinese takeaways then perhaps you could ask them for the plastic containers.

    My mother has always washed out and re-used sandwich bags. They are durable and can be used to freeze herbs, etc.

    We also have a large bag collection!

  2. Hi Rebecca

    Big tubs sounds a good idea I’ll ask the children if they have any.
    Takeaway tubs also a good idea. We tend not to have takeaways these days. Partly because we are trying to keep spending down and partly because they are so far away now we live in the middle of nowhere and you have to really want a takeaway to be bothered to drive out and get one. No deliveries here!!
    Again I know a couple of our children who partake so will phone them

    I could try washing out my freezer bags. No reason why not thanks for the idea it’s something I never thought of!


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