What about these with a few sandwiches and a nice pot of tea

Have you seen us on TV?


We were about half way through the highlights show of the Royal Welsh 29/7/2013 on BBC2 Wales with a 2 and a half minute interview. Catch it on iplayer

Our little Iced pearls with fresh cream for afternoon tea.

baby H & buns 045

Fresh, sticky Chelsea buns we made this morning

Fresh, sticky Chelsea buns we made this morning

tapas1 008

Beef and pork meatballs dipped in flour & egg and gently sizzled until cooked which we serve with our  special tomato sauce.

Jars of pickled peppers with a hint of herbs & garlic which we serve with our own fresh bread and garlic infused olive oil with fresh tomatoes.

We came second in Wales  in the countryside alliance awards for local food producer.jan 13 008

Wow we came second in the local food producers category for Wales.

We are absolutely delighted with the result and want to share the good news.

many thanks if you voted for us



We want to live a little better every day.We live in rural Wales overlooking Black Mountain, near Llandeilo. We have several cats, a dog and a few pigs.‘We’ – are a husband and wife team, Sam & Wilf Winter who make and bake pies, pasties, sausage rolls, pork pies and bread for a living along with the odd cake. We have now launched our small plates dishes which is best described as our version of Tapas. Everything is handmade – with the exception of a food processor and a big mixer. We hand roll all the pastry and pride ourselves on good old fashioned food. Food your Mum would be proud of.We have a small bakery & kitchen on the side of the cottage and as is tradition baking days start very early. If you were to drive by you would smell the freshly baked food and maybe hear the little radio playing through the open window.Life is full with a big family and we do our best to divide our lives between the children (all grown up now), the grandchildren, each other, the business and our little sanctuary in the hills.

We also love photography and now cheat with a whizzy digital camera. Every photo on the blog is one of ours.

Come and visit our blog, we would love to hear from you or come and say hello at one of the events we sell at.

We don’t sell from home but you can buy our goods from

the Olive Branch in Llandeilo, http://www.olivebranchdeli.co.uk/ or

Dryslwyn Community shop http://home.btconnect.com/dryslwyn.org.uk/

As well as at a host of events throughout Wales and beyond.

Sam & Wilf Winter

Glanbrydan- the cottage bakehouse

Pont Isaac
SA19 7AP
01558 822846

6 thoughts on “What about these with a few sandwiches and a nice pot of tea

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  2. Hi,

    I work in the Photo Department of WIRED Magazine. We’re doing a piece on the Glen of Imaal Terrier. I came across a picture of this breed on you blog. We are interested in using it. Could you please contact me at the listed email. Thanks in advance!

      • Max
        Hi, good to hear from you.
        We should be very pleased for you to use the photo but are confused by Wired magazine wanting a photo of a dog as it doesn’t seem to be the normal thing you cover. Perhaps you could let us know in what context you are to use the photo and let us have a copy of the magazine when it is published.
        Sam Winter

      • Hi again
        Just to add to the last comment. We would like to know what the article is about (a one liner would do). When it would be published and could you credit the photo to us?
        Samantha Winter

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